Jokowi: Developing Economy Could Not Be Finished in an Instant

PRESIDENT Joko Widodo (Jokowi) said developing economy to improve the people's welfare is not a job that could be finished instantly.

"It needs determination and optimism. To be a big and strong nation, Indonesia has to go through a host of problems and hurdles," Jokowi said addressing the National Convention of "Galang Kemajuan 2018" at the Puri Begawan Ball Room in Bogor, West Java. Galang Kemajuan is a non governmental organization of volunteer group supporting Jokowi.

The president said global competition and fast advancing technology and the fourth industrial revolution provide a heavy challenges ahead. Community leaders should have and maintain optimism in meeting the challenges.

"We see there is a bright end ahead of us. We cant’ afford to be lazy if we are to be a big nation," he repeated saying.

He said the purpose of building infrastructure in the outer regions, in isolated areas such as Trans Papua in and other frontier areas is to create equitable development and reduce the economic gap.

"I have repeatedly said infrastructure is not only a matter of economy but also to preserve the national integrity," he said. [antaranews/photo special]