Budi Sumadi: Indonesia Exceeds World Aviation Safety Standard

TRANSPORTATION Minister Budi Karya Sumadi said that Indonesia has surpassed the world aviation safety standards, based on the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO USOAP), from 50 to 80.

"Thanks to God, it is now finalized; I am grateful that we achieve good qualification, which is high above the average. It is an increase of 60 percent, from about 50 to about 80," Budi said.

After the achievement, Sumadi called on all stakeholders, both operators and regulators, to jointly maintain the reputation.

"The most important issue is about how we can maintain the qualification. The world of aviation is very complex, and Indonesia is vast country with more than 500 airports and hundreds of aircraft. Besides expressing my gratitude, I would like to invite aviation stakeholders to improve what has been developed, always concentrate on good performance, and maintain it as well," he noted.

“I have expressed optimism that it would exceed the safety standards of the International ICAO. I am optimistic about getting a good score," he added.

Budi K. Sumadi mentioned that despite the world standard value for the passing category was at an average of 60, he was optimistic about exceeding the grade.

"I appreciate friends who have worked day and night to achieve this. The results will be announced next month," he remarked.

He admitted that he was optimistic because Indonesia had already gained the category 1 flight safety standards of the US Aviation Authority, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). We have achieved category 1 FAA, meaning it has met the global safety plan.

In addition, Minister Budi stated that the results of the audit by the ICAO Team were satisfactory. Not many records are submitted from ICAO. [antaranews/photo special]