Nihi Sumba Island Voted #1 Hotel in the World by Travel+Leisure’s

NIHI Sumba Island (Nihiwatu) in Indonesia is the number one hotel in the world for the second year in a row, voted by Travel + Leisure readers globally for its annual World’s Best Awards, the magazine announced on 11th July 2017.

According to Managing Partner James McBride said this reoccurring recognition acknowledges the power of hospitality-centric humanitarian efforts to bring attention to a bygone era, centuries of rituals, a lush unspoiled landscape, and unlimited freedom to explore. With philanthropy at the core of the business model, the Nihi legacy stands for more than just a destination. It stands for goodwill, and an investment in the preservation of the communities it abides.

 “Our guests are looking for more than just a vacation. They want to feel connected and useful, to give back and be a part of something larger than themselves. Through highly customized activities and personal itineraries, our guests experience compelling moments that inspire, and ultimately create a charitable impact,” he said.

McBride also mentioned that Nihi Sumba Island is the premiere property in our expanding Nihi Hotels portfolio. We are actively seeking growth opportunities grounded in our doctrine ‘The Edge of Wildness.’ Current destinations of interest include the South Pacific and Central America. These areas present environments not entirely influenced by modern conveniences therefore benefitting from the natural exploration, education, and philanthropic aid of a Nihi Hotel.

 “A Nihi Hotel is not merely a hotel. It is a way of life. Through the resources and benefits of a luxury resort, Nihi continues to create awareness for the issues faced by local communities, at the same time providing jobs and services that grow incomes and families, and support basic needs such as health clinics, school lunches for children, and access to clean water. Many guests become benefactors of the Sumba Foundation, creating a connection to the island’s pure culture, while promoting the health and welfare of its society,” he added.

Recent additions to Nihi Sumba Island’s memorable and engaging features are: An onsite chocolate factory tour where guests learn how to make a variety of candy bars with Sumba’s locally sourced cocoa beans, complete with a sample tasting. Additionally, an open-air yoga session among the factory’s lush outdoors, with the sweet fragrance of chocolate may be followed by a raw cocoa and oil massage from the healing hands of the award-winning spa staff.

The latest discovery, Lake Weekuri, nature’s saltwater pool separated from the ocean by a rugged cliff, for a most magical swim and lakeside picnic. The clear blue water with varying depths is surrounded by lush trees and beautiful rocks for both sun and shade, and leisurely bathing or a refreshing plunge.

Wellness retreats with world-class gurus that combine the physical benefits of yoga with mediation, movement, and flexibility designed to take you on a therapeutic journey for a balanced mind, body, and soul.

“We are honored that our guests value our efforts enough to grant us this award, McBride continued, the enthusiasm of our return guests and the emotional delight of our first time guests are worth the smiles and quality of life we witness from the local Sumbanese in return,” he stated. [ special]