Indonesia-Australia Fashion Business Continues to Increase

THE Indonesian-Australian fashion business has the potential to keep increasing as it is also supported by such a promotional event as IndonesiaBeautiful which is initiated by the Indonesian Consulate in Sydney, and helped by various relevant parties.

A statement by Indonesian Consul General in Sydney Yayan G.H. Mulayana received by antaranews recently mentioned that in Australia, the fashion industry contributes AUS12 billion of the total value of Australia's economic creative industry.

Meanwhile, Consul Mulyana added that Indonesia is the 12th largest exporter to Australia with a total value of AU$500 million.

"Indonesia is rich in fabric motifs of high artistic value, on the other hand Australia has technology and management expertise in the field of fashion. This is an opportunity to provide economic benefits for Indonesia and Australia," the Consul General said.

In line with the statement, the Parliamentary Secretary for Western Sydney and Multiculturalism, Geoff Lee MP, underscored the importance of creative and fashion industry for the Australian economy, as well as for the economic cooperation between Australia and Indonesia.

According to Geoff Lee, he is not a person who has big expertise in fashion. But he can underline that the the field of fashion has contributed significantly to the Australian economy said.

On the other hand, he added, the implementation of IndonesiaBeautiful is a testimony of the strong relationship and cooperation between Indonesia and Australia in the field of fashion.

According to the Consul of Information, Social and Cultural Affairs, H. Dimara, IndonesiaBeautiful is a fashion promotional event initiated by the Indonesian Consulate in Sydney. In 2017, the event is held for the second time.

Recently Indonesia Beautiful featured a fashion show participated in by five Indonesian designers, and a renowned Australian designer. The five fashion designers from Indonesia are Ary Arka, Dana Duryatna, Erdan Mardani, Komarudin Kudiya, and Tudi Adib. Meanwhile, an Australian designer is Jenny Kee, who is also a fashion icon of Australia in the 1980s. [antaranews]