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Ambon’s Image Restored by American Cruise Ship’s Visit

THE visit to Ambon by American cruise ship MV Discovery on Sunday, January 29, 2012, would restore the image the Maluku provincial capital in the eyes of international community.

According to Ambon Mayor Richard Louhenapessy as quoted from said recently MV Discovery started its Voyages of Discovery from Manila to Sandakan, Bitung, Ambon, and then on to Darwin, Booby Islands, Cairns, Port Doglas, Brisbane, New Castle, and Sydney.

"It is expected that the visit to Ambon by the American cruise ship will restore the image of Ambon city that was hit by communal conflict on September 11, 2011," Louhenapessy said.

He said that after conflict in September last year, the number of both domestic and foreign tourist visit decreased dramatically but the Sunday`s arrival of MV Discovery would restore the image of Ambon city.

"The Ambon city government and the people feel proud of the arrival of MV Discovery with 440 tourists from the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand because it will prove that Ambon can be visited again by tourists from various countries," Louhenapessy said.

He expressed hope that the tourists upon returning to their respective countries would promote the natural beauty of Ambon and its condusive security situation.  [photo special]